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Do you love food so much that you would literally travel… for food? I know I do. There’s nothing I love more than eating my way through a destination. Here is a list of must-try foodie experiences. They’re a little different, they’re culturally immersive, and they’re all available for you to enjoy. I have tours you can book that include the experiences below. Enjoy drooling…then start planning!

Women in Turkish Cooking Class

1. Harvest farm-fresh vegetables and make a traditional gozleme (Turkish stuffed flatbread) Where: Bodrum, Turkey

Woman making gozlume turkish stuffed flat bread  in turkey on food tour

2. Bake Macedonian pastries in a village cooking class Where: Janche, Macedonia, The Balkans

cooking class on a food tour in the Balkans of a woman learning how to make Macedonian pastries

3. Indulge in a vegan street food breakfast in Delhi Where: Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India

Food tour in India group eating  street food breakfast

4. Join a traditional Japanese tea ceremony Where: Kyoto, Japan

Tourists enjoying a traditional japanese tea ceremony in Japan

5. Make Moroccan salad at a cooking school that empowers underprivileged women Where: Marrakech, Morocco

Cooking Class for tourists in Morocco make authentic food

6 .Tour Phnom Penh’s markets with a local chef Where: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tourists on food tour in Cambodia in a local market

7. Try the real KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) paired with maekju (Korean beer) Where: Seoul, South Korea

South Korean Food tour korean fried chicken dish paired with korean beer

8. Learn all things coffee on a local Peruvian farmstay Where: Coffee farmstay, near Huayopata, Peru

Tour of a peruvian coffee farm

9. Enjoy Vietnamese home-cooking with a local family in the Mekong Delta Where: Mekong Delta, Vietnam

tourist on food tour in Vietnam where they eat at a local family's home

10. Make pasta from scratch like a local in Italy Where: Bologna, Italy

Cooking class for tourists in Bologna making pasta from scratch

11. Explore the local farms and cooking of Rajasthan Where: Bijaipur, India

Food Tour Indian exploring a local farm

12. Harvest your own spring onions to make Taiwan’s iconic scallion pancake Where: Yilan, Taiwan

Cooking class for tourists in Taiwan making Scallion Pancakes

13. Sample port in… you guessed it… Porto Where: Porto, Portugal

Wine tasting tour in Portugal

14. Browse a Sri Lankan fish market for the freshest seafood around Where: Negombo, Sri Lanka

Food Tour Sri Lanka of Fresh Seafood Market

15. Dive into spicy Szechuan hotpot like a local Where: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

China food tour eating hot pot in a restaurant like a local

16. Take a taco (and tequila!) crawl in Mexico City Where: Mexico City, Mexico

Taco and Tequila food crawl tour in Mexico

Ready to dive straight into the culinary adventure of a lifetime? Reach our to me to learn more about our Foodie Trips.


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